Photography Studio Rental

Rental of the Photography Studio for Photographers.

1 Hour RM180
2 Hours RM300
3 Hours RM380
Up to 5 Hours RM450
Up to 8 Hours RM560

LOCATION: 3 Two Square
Includes usage of all lighting, reflectors stands and back grounds.

  1. 4x 400ws RIME lights
  2. 1x 400ws Elinchome
  3. 3x 100ws Hensels
  4. Radio Trigger
  5. Soft boxes, Beauty Dish, Grids, Barn Doors
  6. Boom light
  7. Stands
  8. Various backgrounds: Seamless paper, Muslin and Canvas
  9. Graduation Background
  10. Chaise lounge and posing stools
  11. Reflectors
  12. Product stand
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